Partnership with Hunger At Home

The Quakes hosted Hunger At Home on October 14 to kick off a new partnership in hopes of fighting food insecurity in the Silicon Valley.

Hunger At Home is a local leader in food collection and distribution. They work with convention centers, venues, stadiums and hotels to collect and redistribute excess food to those in need via nonprofit partners. They also serve tens of thousands of meals made in-house each month.

The Quakes hope to host Hunger At Home distribution events twice a month. The first trial run at Earthquakes Stadium hosted 120 cars. In the future, the Quakes expect to serve roughly 200 cars at each event.

When fans are welcomed to the stadium again, Hunger At Home will facilitate the redistribution of unused food to those in need.

Since March, Hunger at Home has distributed:

- 1.88 million meals - 1,321 pallets with 1,500 pounds of food per pallet

- 103,179 meals weekly distributed

- 2,259,142 pounds of food


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